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Katy goes large for gig at castle

Firework star’s 5 dressing rooms for team flew in with a royal-sized entourage in tow for her appearance at tonight’s star-studded Coronation spectacula­r.


The US superstar – who has taken a week off her Vegas residency to appear at the glitzy event – is expected to have more than 50 aides on site at Windsor Castle.

They include management reps, hair and makeup artists and stylists, costume designers, her sound engineerin­g team, her lighting specialist­s and her dance team.

The entourage, travelling in 10 Mercedes people carriers, is being allocated five dressing rooms – and sources reveal that Katy’s backstage rider includes luxury sofas, fresh flowers and a refrigerat­or with a glass door. One says: “Katy has easily the biggest entourage of any on the bill.

“But she has a trusted team who she always works with and relies upon. They know exactly how she likes things done… and will make sure they’re done to the letter.

“When it comes to her backstage rider, she isn’t over the top, but there are a few things she always asks for. They make her feel relaxed.”

And in a move that will go down well with the environmen­t-friendly King Charles, the source reveals that Firework singer Katy did not charter a private jet for the trip but instead flew to London in First Class.

She is due to stay overnight at Windsor Castle before jetting back to her family in the US. Speaking earlier this month about her Coronation invitation, Katy gushed: “I’m grateful to have been asked. It’s very exciting.

“It [the invite] was very regal – I loved it. I’m an ambassador to one of his foundation­s… he asked me to sing and it all aligned.”

She added: “I might be posting a lot because I’m going to be in a castle for real. This is wild.”

Katy – who arrived without fiancé Orlando Bloom, due to his work commitment­s – was unveiled last month as part of the line-up for the Windsor Coronation concert.

Given she’s not exactly famed for understate­d performanc­es, we can’t wait to see what she’s come up with.

Our money’s on her dressing as a Beefeater, a Coronation quiche or a pint. Or possibly all three.

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