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- By Tom Hopkinson

WEST HAM cult hero Jimmy Walker has warned David Moyes’ players to get their relegation battle won in the next eight days – so they do not have to rely on their last two games against Leeds and Leicester.

The Irons host Manchester United tonight and then travel across London to take on Brentford next Sunday.

And former keeper Walker, 49, whose old side have 34 points, said: “You’d think one win would be enough.

“If we can get to 36, 37 points, you’d think we’d be safe, but the teams you are playing against in those last two games are fighting for their lives and only a few points below you.

“So if we can get three points out of the next two, it takes the pressure right off.

“I’d even take two points, a couple of draws, out of the next two.

“I’d be delighted with that. Four points would be a dream.

“But then if you don’t get those results and performanc­es and you go into those last two games it’s a case of, ‘Oof’, and it’d be such a shame to be down there. We’re down where we are now for a reason, though, and it’s tough.

“I’ve been down there myself and it’s really hard to grind results out.

“You’re looking over your shoulder, you’re looking at all the permutatio­ns…

“It never comes easy, and football has a habit of throwing up things and you end up playing two of the teams who are below you.

“So on one hand you say, ‘Well, that’s a good thing, we can put daylight between us and put it to bed if we can go and beat Leeds or Leicester’.

“But on the other hand, they’re looking at it and saying, ‘Well, hold on a minute, we can really drag them back into it here’.

“When the season has been like that and we’re coming to the end of it, the so-called business end, they are massive, huge, huge games.

“That’s why, if we can go into the United game and get something – and we’ve struggled to win any games this season, let alone against Manchester United, who are a real, strong side, so it’s not as easy as that – then we will be in good stead.”

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