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Bionic Trimmer

Put cordless, rechargeab­le trimming power in the palm of your hand!


Bionic Trimmer makes all garden trimming jobs quick and easy. There are no tangled wires, no extension cords and no smelly petrol. Just charge the Bionic Trimmer for 50 minutes of cordless, lightweigh­t, handheld trimming.

Never Buy Expensive Trimmer Line Again! – Bionic Trimmer doesn’t use specialise­d trimmer line, it only needs two widely available cable ties!

Cordless – No more tangled cables or extension cords. Bionic Trimmer is completely cordless so you can trim all over your entire garden.

10,000 RPM – Bionic Trimmer spins at an incredible speed to make trimming your garden a breeze.

Lightweigh­t – Bionic Trimmer weighs less than a kilogram!

One Handed Operation – the ergonomic hand grip is so comfortabl­e and the trigger and lock require just one hand to operate, so you’ll get the job done easily, fast and with less strain!

Telescopic Pole – The fully adjustable pole can be made the perfect length for virtually anyone.

50 Minute Run Time – Trim your entire garden in one go! Bionic Trimmer charges in just three and a quarter hours, too.

Flower Guard – With one click the Flower Guard locks into place, acting as a protective shield to prevent damage from rocks, walls or other solid objects and gives you the control to trim where you want to trim without accidental­ly clipping your flower!

Debris Shield – the integrated Debris Shield is designed to stop debris flicking up while you’re trimming your garden

Also available – Bionic Trimmer Cable Ties (24 pack), the perfect partner to your Bionic Trimmer. Don’t run out of cable ties halfway through a trim! (£4.99)

What’s Included – Bionic Trimmer with Adjustable Extension Pole, Debris Shield and Flower Guard, Charger, BONUS 24 Cable Ties and User Manual.

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