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Spotless patios in minutes with complete cordless convenienc­e!

Ryobi’s Cordless Patio Cleaner easily removes weeds, moss and grass from your paths and patios 18V CORDLESS PATIO CLEANER WITH 2.0AH BATTERY STARTER KIT

- Peter, Verified Purchaser

With Spring in full swing it’s time to tackle all those outdoor cleaning jobs that have been neglected over the winter months. But don’t let unsightly weeds, overgrown grass, and nasty moss get in the way of your beautiful outdoor space.

With the Ryobi 18V ONE+™ Cordless Patio Cleaner, you can power through even the toughest outdoor mess with consummate ease.

No backache and supremely clean patio and drive

No more bending or kneeling down

Say goodbye to bending or kneeling down to clean your paths and patios. The ONE+™ Patio Cleaner with wire brush spins at an incredible 1350rpm to power through the task effortless­ly! Whether you need to clear weeds, grass, or moss from your patio, paths, driveway or bricked areas, this patio cleaner is the tool for the task.

Innovative design for easy cleaning

The Ryobi 18V ONE+™ Patio Cleaner features an innovative telescopic height adjustment handle, which means easy upright cleaning for any user.

The two-handled design ensures it is ergonomic and easy to use, while the wire brush guard protects the user from any debris. Plus, with the tool-less brush changing mechanism, you can quickly and easily switch between different types of cleaning brushes for hard or delicate surfaces, even with gloves on.

And when it’s time to put it away, the handle design allows for quick and easy storage, taking up less space in your shed or garage.

Owners of this 18V Cordless Patio Cleaner couldn’t be happier! “I was so impressed with the Ryobi ONE+™ Patio Cleaner,” says Jenny. “It made cleaning my patio so easy, and I loved the wire brush that just powered through the weeds and overgrown grass. I’m so glad I added this to my collection of Ryobi tools.” Jenny P (verified buyer).

Another regular customer said: “It’s powerful, easy to use, and perfect for keeping my outdoor space looking great.” Dave R (verified buyer).

Cordless, convenient outdoor cleaning

Order the Ryobi 18V ONE+™ Patio Cleaner today and power through even the toughest of outdoor messes with ease.

Save £90 now!

Order today for just £129.99 and get your patio cleaner with wire brush wheel, a 3-year warranty and fast, free GB mainland delivery.

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 ?? ?? Incredible results in no time without stooping or scraping!
Incredible results in no time without stooping or scraping!
 ?? ?? The wire brush wheel spins at high speed to leave surfaces clean and debris-free
The wire brush wheel spins at high speed to leave surfaces clean and debris-free

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