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THE EFL has acted against Wigan Athletic – docking the Latics points for a series of financial issues – such as not paying player wages.

It’s always tough when clubs hit a brick wall over cash – those at the sharp end lose their livelihood­s and supporters are fed a diet of misery due to a situation out of their control.

The EFL is always going to be in a difficult position. They police the clubs, have to ensure fairness and want everyone to prosper – within the rules of the competitio­n.

But I can’t help thinking an independen­t regulator, attached to the League One outfit, would have been right on top of this far earlier.

The football police also need to be given the latitude to force the sale of the club, perhaps to the supporters’ trust, if owners do not meet their financial responsibi­lities.

We cannot have owners playing Russian roulette with any club’s future.

It’s been said on this page before – and I’ll say it again – action by the EFL is welcomed but they do not have the depth of resources to do it properly.

Regulation cannot come quickly enough. As Wigan’s long-suffering fans know only too well.

WHAT is it with animals and footballer­s? A cat that Gareth Southgate’s players adopted at the World Cup was rehoused in England this week after a spell with a Qatari animal charity. And Mikel Arteta has welcomed a chocolate Labrador called ‘Win’ to Arsenal’s training ground in a bid to lower stress levels. As usual, they’re miles behind the greatest. Brian Clough was rarely seen without his golden Labrador ‘Del Boy’. Perhaps Arteta and Southgate are onto something – after all, it didn’t do Nottingham Forest much harm back in the day.

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