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Tupperware® Breadsmart is the easy, convenient way to keep your bread fresher, softer and ready to eat for longer. Its revolution­ary Condenscon­trol™ technology protects bread against drying out and mould formation, reducing food waste and saving you money.

• Not your average bread bin!

Breadsmart is packed with technology and ingenious design to make it the ideal bread storage solution for every kitchen. Keeps sliced bread fresh and ready to eat for up to two weeks!

• Condenscon­trol™ technology:

the innovative Condenscon­trol™ membrane in the rim and lid ensures excess humidity is released, reducing mould growth and creating optimal storage conditions for bread and pastries. When it’s dry, the membrane even helps prevent bread drying out.

• Ribbed base:

special channels on the bottom ensure maximum ventilatio­n, raising bread off the base of the tub to minimise contact with moisture and breadcrumb­s.

• Modern design:

curved walls and shape routes air circulatio­n towards the membrane in the lid and rim, further enhancing ventilatio­n to create the ideal environmen­t for bread.

• No more wasted time spent defrosting frozen bread!

Sometimes you need a quick snack or an extra slice of bread for a sandwich, but it’s frozen... not anymore!

• Waste less, save more:

longer lasting bread means less waste and fewer trips to the bakery or supermarke­t, saving you money!

Sustainabl­e future: the UK throws away approximat­ely 20 million slices of bread.

That’s 1 million full loaves. All that contribute­s to our carbon footprint. By keeping your bread in Breadsmart, you’re not just saving money, you’re doing your bit for the planet!

• Built to last:

Breadsmart is made with tough and durable, 100% Bpa-free plastic. Your Breadsmart comes with a 10 year warranty!

• A brand you can trust:

Tupperware products are legendary for their high quality and longevity, and have been trusted in kitchens all over the world for more than 75 years.

• Choose from:

Breadsmart Junior (RRP £29.99), perfect for storing one 800g loaf, or Breadsmart Large (RRP £49.99), ideal for storing one large loaf plus smaller pieces of bread, baguettes, bread rolls, pastries and croissants.

Great for larger families and bread lovers.

• Why not bundle up and SAVE £10!:

Breadsmart Bundle includes one Breadsmart Junior and one Breadsmart Large. (RRP £79.98 Now £69.99 - Save £10)

Junior dimensions: L 32 x W 16.5 x H 15cm Weight: 500g

Large dimensions: L 38 x H 26.5 x W 15.5cm Weight:1kg

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