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AI shares soar... along with fears



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YTD is year-to-date percentage total return. 10yr is the compound annualised growth rate over 10 years. Deposit rate reflects a typical savings account at £2,500. RPI/CPI are inflation measures.

■ Principali­ty Building Society is offering a variable savings account of 3.88% pa.

■ National Bank of Egypt (UK) is offering a one-year fixed rate of 5.25% pa.

■ Tandem Bank is offering a 3-year fixed rate of 5.30% pa.

■ Tandem Bank is offering a 5-year fixed rate of 5.35% pa. Check terms and conditions before depositing. Money in a Uk-authorised bank or building society is covered under the Financial Services Compensati­on Scheme up to £85,000 per eligible person, per bank or building society.

If you’re remortgagi­ng:

■ Marsden Building Society has a 3.99% discounted variable rate for 2 years at 60% LTV.

■ Progressiv­e Building Society has a 4.12% discounted variable rate for 2 years at 80% LTV.

If you’re moving home:

■ Danske Bank is offering a 3.92% fixed rate until 03/07/2028 at 60% LTV.

■ Danske Bank is offering a 3.96% fixed rate until 03/07/2028 at 80% LTV.

If you’re a first-time buyer:

■ Danske Bank is offering a 4.22% fixed rate until 03/07/2028 at 90% LTV.

■ Beverley Building Society has a 4.79% discounted variable rate for 3 years at 100% LTV.

Check fees and mortgage terms and conditions before arranging a deal. Your home may be repossesse­d if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

I need to know what you want to achieve, because if you don’t know what you want, how can I help you achieve it? The clearer you are on what your outcome is, the more likely it is you’ll achieve it.

Clarity brings certainty and you feel some excitement as you begin to visualise what it is that you want. Take a moment out to try this: think of something you’d really like to achieve, close your eyes and see it clearly in your mind’s eye.

Next, make the colours of this image bright and vivid, like the most vibrant image you’ve ever seen. Now, make it a motion picture and put yourself into the film, with surround sound which in turn brings feelings to your body.

Magnify these feelings, making them more intense. This is how you truly visualise your outcome.

Pro athletes and sportspeop­le have

The share price of US chipmaker Nvidia surged and pushed the company value past $1trillion in stock market value for a brief period.

The company makes highperfor­mance chips used in artificial intelligen­ce and it has seen its stock price double in value since the release of CHATGPT, an AI chatbot, last November. known this technique for years and now you can use it to design your life.

Knowing what you want is necessary but it’s only part of the process.

Why is that outcome important to you? What are your values?

Are there times in life when you’ve felt everything is going in your favour and you just can’t help but win?

Athletes call this being “in the flow” and it happens when your actions and your values are aligned. The advertisin­g world spends billions of pounds to grab your attention, to try to tell you what you need.

But you already know what you need if you only ask yourself: “What’s important to me about…?”

So, this weekend, why not ask yourself: “How do I want to live the rest of my life?” Give yourself some me-time to ponder the answer – and live your life by design, not by default.

■ To learn more about lifestyle planning visit lexingtonw­

A group of leading AI experts – including the CEOS of Google Deepmind and Openai – have warned that the technology could pose an existentia­l threat to humanity.

The experts, who signed a statement released by the Center for AI Safety, argue the risk of Ai-enabled extinction is on the same level as pandemics and nuclear war.

I want to start a pension but I have little money behind me. What should I do? WARREN: First, look at your income and expenses and try to allocate 20% of your income to yourself each month – save this into a deposit account until you have enough secured to cover three months of expenses. Once you have three months’ worth set aside, redirect the 20% into a pension. Building an emergency fund first is essential.

I have a buy-to-let flat in London but am out of pocket after mortgage and tax on rent. Should I keep it for capital growth? WARREN: Property is unlikely to outperform equities over time and the fact it’s costing you money makes it a liability. With punitive taxation on income from buy-tolets, I’d be considerin­g selling it.

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