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THE four children who survived in a jungle for 40 days after a plane crash that killed their mum are out of hospital now, five weeks after their rescue.

The dad of the youngest two, Manuel Ranoque, 32, said: “They are totally recovered and in good health.”

Lesly, 13, Soleiny, nine, Tien, four and Cristin, one, foraged for food in Colombia’s Amazon rainforest after the May 1 tragedy.

The siblings were treated in capital Bogota.


FORMER Lionesses captain Jill Scott says she will get a tattoo done of her infamous Euros outburst if England win the Women’s World Cup.

She said: “I will make a pact – when England win the World Cup, I will get ‘FOYFP’ tattooed on me.”

The inking will be an abbreviati­on of her expletive-laden rant at Bayern Munich’s Sydney Lohmann during the Euro 22 final, when she was caught on camera exclaiming: “F*** off, you f***ing p **** .”

Retired midfielder Jill, 36, said: “I am not proud of it, I am really not.

“It’s not very role modellike. I was just so passionate.”

But she admitted that, despite knowing her outburst was wrong, it also made her reflect on winning.

“I am sorry but it reminds me of the win, so it gives me a little smile!” she said.

And as the current Lionesses prepare for their World Cup opener against Haiti next Saturday, they have admitted that, while they are a closeknit squad, there will be things they find irritating about each other.

Keira Walsh, 26, revealed that everyone knows when fellow midfielder Georgia Stanway, 27, is around. “She annoys me because she


ENGLAND’S Lionesses have been warned of sleepless nights at the World Cup after being booked into a beach hotel opposite a nightclub.

doesn’t have an indoor voice,” Keira said. “She shouts all the time, even when I’m sat five yards away.

“And she picks her nose. She wipes her nose on her shirt.”

The footballer­s, who are all close pals, made their revelation­s on Jill’s Coffee Club podcast.

Georgia Stanway added her jokey gripes, saying: “I’ve got a few on Keira. She won’t ask for help, she needs ‘alone time’, she’s an overachiev­er and she’s wise beyond her years and independen­t – hashtag only child.”

And some will miss home comforts during their time away.

Georgia, who left Manchester City last year to join Bayern Munich, was the first to cite the food she craves when working overseas.

She said: “I can take my beans away from here and eat them in Germany but they don’t taste the same.

“I feel like they’re only good when you’re in your home country. I miss Vimto, too.”

But Keira, who now plays for FC Barcelona, is hoping for a more positive World Cup gastronmic experience, because she loves the food in Spain.

She said: “Sushi in Spain is a hundred times better than in England.

“It’s not as expensive and tastes a lot better.”

Guests of the Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific in


Australia have complained stars’ hotel about being kept awake by DJS playing booming tracks till 2am on weekends.

Our footballer­s, including Ella Toone,

Georgia Stanway and Lucy Bronze, are being advised to wear earplugs, especially before their opening match against Haiti next Saturday.

One local said: “The area around the hotel can get quite rowdy at weekends. It’s popular with residents and visitors and is right next to the beach, so it’s a great place to enjoy yourself.

“But I’m not sure that I’d recommend it if you need a perfect night’s sleep!”

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 ?? ?? MATES Lionesses line up Down Under
PASSIONATE Ex-captain Jill
MATES Lionesses line up Down Under PASSIONATE Ex-captain Jill BASE

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