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Zak uses his Ed in chat


Our pet hate is overly media-trained celebs who think they can promote their products with boring one-word answers.

So it’s refreshing to hear that who never holds back in chats, feels our pain.

The superstar has advised soul-pop singer – who played at May’s Coronation – not to hold back when he’s in the hot seat. Zak, 28, whose stunning new album Love Over Fear is out August 25, told us: “I met Ed Sheeran backstage at a BBC Radio 1 show and I was about to go and do my first interview. “He’d just finished one and was sitting in the lounge area and I asked

We’ve had Barbie party anthem Dance the Night on repeat for a while now but

upped the film’s musical game this week when she released the haunting What Was I Made For? It’s hard to imagine anyone but Billie tackling the subject of a Barbie having an existentia­l crisis and producing a track so genuinely poignant. him if he had any advice. He was like, ‘Yeah, the less you give a f*** the better! You’ll get far more interestin­g interviews if you care less – just stop caring!”

“That’s served me well and given me a lot of confidence. He had no idea who I was and still gave me the time of day. He’s a true gent.”

Singer-songwriter Luz has already racked up 120 million streams and fans – including

– thanks to her delicate, stunning vocals.

Her new track, Sustain, was released on Friday and trust us, it’s well worth a listen.

Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez’s second child might not have arrived yet but it is already calling the shots. Strictly pro Gorka, who was rumoured to be leaving Strictly, has struck a deal with BBC bosses that he will get a celebrity partner based in the North. It means he will be able to spend more time at home to help actress Gemma with their newborn boy, who is due in August, in between training. A source said: “Gorka wants to be there for Gemma, Mia and their new arrival as much as possible.

“The bosses have agreed to give him a Northern partner. It will mean that even though he will have long rehearsal days, he will be at home with his family in between training.”

EXPECTING Gorka & Gemma

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