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Nic Brook gets into the swing of world-class golf courses in Belek, Turkey


Teeing off on the first at the New course at Gloria Golf Club just moments after four Brits, they took one look at me and waved me through. It was 7am on a beautiful spring morning and my first day of a golfing pilgrimage to the Belek region of Turkey. “We’re on day five, mate,” one of them ventured. “You can play with our pals if you like. They’ll be the others in your threeball, but they’re even more knackered than we are... you’re probs best getting away now on your own,” he grinned. A few hours later they caught up with me again as I enjoyed a beer on the terrace overlookin­g the 18th. Only one of them recognised me, explaining to the others that I was the guy who’d held them up for 10 seconds. The lads, from Middlesbro­ugh were in great spirits as they elaborated on their trip. “We’ve had the best time! The courses are amazing, every bit as good, if not better than any you’ll find in Spain or Portugal, while the hotels, the service, the welcome are just brilliant.” That was the reaction from every golfer I met over the next few days. Every group seemed to be hooked, and I can appreciate why. If you’re looking for a sunshine golf break away from the UK then Turkey really is superb.

There are 15 courses at 11 resort complexes, and all within 20 minutes of each other and less than 30 minutes from the internatio­nal airport at Antalya.

You’ll not find a better stretch of golfing coastline this side of the great courses in Ayrshire or south Lancashire. The golf resort hotels run on the same all-inclusive basis as the others in the area, so that golfers can eat and drink well, making the après golf even better as there are no cash whip-rounds to worry

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 ?? ?? CLUBBING The Belek region’s courses are superb
CLUBBING The Belek region’s courses are superb
 ?? ?? GLORIOUS The Verde course at Gloria
Golf Club
GLORIOUS The Verde course at Gloria Golf Club
 ?? ?? BIG HIT Nic is ready for action
BIG HIT Nic is ready for action

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