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Husband relives the moment he lost his ‘angel’

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THE devastated husband of a British woman who died in Barbados last night relived the moment he discovered he had lost his “amazing” wife on their second honeymoon.

Mum-of-two Redempta ‘Lela’ Thoroughgo­od, 42, was found floating in the sea off the paradise isle last Sunday, while on a surprise trip with her husband John.

Police say they are investigat­ing the circumstan­ces behind the doctor’s “unnatural” death.

The Thoroughgo­ods, of Oxted, Surrey, were married for 20 years.

They were just two days into their £4,000, week-long stay at the Port St Charles Hotel, in St Peter in the north of Barbados, when the tragedy unfolded.

Retired engineer John, 61, said they were the only ones on a Caribbean beach, which had no lifeguards but was overlooked by a bar.

He said: “I was lying on the beach with my eyes closed for 10 minutes and when I opened them, I couldn’t find my wife. I thought she’d gone back to the hotel to get her phone.

“I left the beach and had a beer at a local bar while trying to call her.

“Then someone shouted there was a body in the water.

“We ran down and, as soon as I got there, I could see it was my wife.

“She was such an amazing person. She was an angel.”

Holiday snaps show the couple raising a glass at Heathrow Airport as they waited for their flight. Smiling Lela was also snapped enjoying a meal and a cocktail in Barbados.

An autopsy has not yet been carried out on Lela, who had two sons, aged 15 and 17. A police spokesman said: “The investigat­ion is ongoing and we’re waiting for the autopsy result. No arrests have been made.” John said he gave a statement to detectives last week and is staying in Barbados to assist with their investigat­ion and the repatriati­on of Lela’s body.

In her last Instagram post Lela, who was born in Tanzania, shared the news of her holiday.

She wrote: “Woke up this morning to a surprise second honeymoon trip flying first class on British Airways to Barbados. Five-star hotel and all the works. #Stilllucky­inlove.”

The Government said it is “providing consular assistance to a British man in Barbados”.

‘‘ Someone at the beach bar shouted there was a body in the water

 ?? ?? SMILES The couple before trip
SMILES The couple before trip

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