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HOLLYWOOD scorcher Kate Beckinsale said she is “freeing the nipple” by wearing a jumper covered with embroidere­d TEATS.

The Much Ado About Nothing star, 50 ( left), even cheekily pinched one of the nipples as she flashed a hint of her toned stomach underneath the light- coloured jumper.


The iconic actress joked she is “freeing the nipple the Chiswick way” with “well- made knit wear”, adding a suggestive cherry emoji to her Instagram caption.

Kate was born in Chiswick, a leafy London borough filled with upmarket cafes and shops which even hosts a monthly cheese market.

She donned the quality jumper for the funny post, which she now appears to have deleted, opting for a more modest way of “freeing the nipple”.

Her mother, Judy Loe, still lives in Chiswick, and Kate – who is herself based in America – often shares her appreciati­on of the area on her Instagram feed.

As she struck a variety of poses for the camera, Kate showed off her stunning new blonde locks, which she styled in a classy bob.

Kate debuted her striking hairdo earlier this month as she switched up from her famous brunette look.

After attending The Hollywood Reporter’s Women In Entertainm­ent Breakfast Gala, Kate took to Instagram to show off her new hair.


Despite being praised by many users for her looks, Kate was also forced to hit back at one troll who criticised her new blonde appearance, leading her to hit back with a savage comment of her own.

One troll wrote: “You with a Bob = Yes, you with blonde = NO.”

To which Kate savagely responded: “You having the feeling you get a vote = NO.”

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