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Younger lover teaches old dog new sex tricks

- Dear Kelly,

I’M a 45- year- old married man and I thought I knew everything about sex – until I started an affair at work. She’s 19 and gorgeous.

The first time I f** ked her, I was so turned on by her lithe young body that I ejaculated after just a minute.

But she told me not to worry, adding that she was sure it would be better next time.

This was the complete opposite to my wife, who always insisted that I “get it over with quickly”.

And for our next f** k, she suggested we go to a hotel.

Once inside, she switched on the telly and started to strip slowly to some music.


By the time she got down to her undies I had a steaming great hard- on, and when she finally removed her bra and panties I dived on her.

But rather than let me slip straight into her, she grabbed my cock and squeezed it just behind the bellend.

This caused my erection to subside and she got to work on it with her lips, licking and sucking it back to its rigid glory.

After a while she got on all fours and let me enter her from behind.

But when I started to thrust away furiously, she pulled away and squeezed my dick again.

This went on for ages until, when we finally got down to it, I lasted for 45 minutes – a record time for me!

Since then we’ve been meeting twice a week and every time it seems to get better.

This girl may be much younger than me, but she’s taught me a hell of a lot.

Now I fancy getting myself a slightly older model to learn even more.

What do you think?

SF, email

Kelly says…

YOU’RE pushing your luck a bit. Stick with what you’ve got or you may end up having “to get on with it” with your wife!

 ?? ??

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