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HELLO! My name is Fanny Hunter, or at least that’s what they call me in the porn business. I don’t usually star in the films myself, I’m more of a production assistant – it’s my job to make sure everything runs liquid smooth on set and all the girls and guys are well looked after. I get to see all the filming and all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. By God, the stories I can tell you would finish you off in seconds, ha ha! This is why TVX have decided that I’m allowed to share my dirty diaries with you. So if you want to text me using the details below, I know you will be interested in what I’ve got to say. I’m waiting for your text…

WHENEVER we do a shoot in a kitchen, I just can’t help feeling really horny myself.

Call me old fashioned, but sex in a food preparatio­n area seems quite dirty, a little bit wrong, and by God it gets me wet!

I suppose with Alexei being such a good looking young man, both myself and the lovely Lois couldn’t wait for the action to start as she stood patiently waiting in her figure hugging purple dress.

Alexei walked in and joked: “Where the hell is my breakfast? I’m a growing lad, you know!”

Lois sarcastica­lly replied: “As long as your dick can grow I might make you a bacon butty afterwards, luv!”

Well that was it, everyone on the set cheered and we all got ready to begin.

As Lois and Alexei began their film it was obvious that they were good together, thanks to me, who suggested Alexei for this film in the first place.

It’s nice to get job satisfacti­on and aroused at the same time.

I am a lucky girl!

Being full of hard rather than soft surfaces you may think it would be more difficult to film in a kitchen but I can tell you sexperts like Lois know exactly where to bend over and where to position herself to get a great hard pounding from a stud like Alexei.

Every time they changed position I thought to myself I should remember to try that myself with my boyfriend.


In fact when I got home I was really pissed off to learn he had gone to the pub with his mates. Had to sort myself out that night – story of my life!

If you fancy hearing more of the sexy details just text me, it will cost just £ 1.50 per reply ( maximum three replies plus standard network charges).

Please remember, only over 18s are allowed to text me. I’m here to talk very dirty!

 ?? ?? STUNNA: What lovely eyes!
NICE UNITS: Lois looks very proud of both her kitchen and her arse
STUNNA: What lovely eyes! NICE UNITS: Lois looks very proud of both her kitchen and her arse

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