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ROYAL Navy chiefs are in hot water after it emerged they’d LOST the receipts for nuclear missiles which disastrous­ly misfired during testing in recent weeks.

The latest test of the UK’s nuclear deterrent was from HMS Vanguard and was watched by Defence Secretary Grant Shapps.

The last test of Trident in 2016 also ended in failure when the missile veered off course.

It’s highly embarrassi­ng for both the UK and the US manufactur­er of the Trident missile.

An insider told Sunday Sport: “After the latest test firing the MoD called the Royal Navy and told them to take the missiles back to the shop as they are clearly faulty.

“They said with allout nuclear war looming, having nuclear missiles that do not work was a ‘ sub- optimal situation’.

“There was a bit of toing and fro- ing before the Navy admitted they could not take them back as they had mislaid the receipts.”

Our insider added: “The receipts may have been thrown away with the box but there’s a chance they’ve been put

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“Until they find them, we’re screwed. Nuclear bomb salesmen are notorious for no- receipt, no exchange rules.”

The test failures could not come at a worse time for Britain, with many forecastin­g all- out war with Russia.

One retired admiral said: “With the drums of war beating louder, the message we’re sending to Russian – and other ghastly foreigners like the North Koreans and the beastly Iranians – is that the Royal Navy is a dead duck.

“Someone needs keelhaulin­g for this fiasco.”

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FIASCO: We can’t take iffy nukes back to the shop

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