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I didn’t mean I hate THOSE kinds of FAGS!

- By HARPER HAYES news@ sundayspor­t. co. uk

WHEN keen gay Harold Lawson decided to attend his first gay pride march he thought it would be a great idea to combine his two passions – bumming arses and anti- smoking campaignin­g.

But the move backfired when a group of angry men beat him up for being homophobic.

The 27- year- old ended up in hospital with concussion, a bruised spine, dislodged spleen, badly sprained ankle – and badly hurt pride too.

He also broke his nose, lost two teeth and had a severe contusion over his left eye.


The baker from Horsham, West Sussex, said: “I absolutely hate smoking.

“My nan used to smoke as a kid and I hated it when we went around to her house.

“When she died of the cancer I decided to dedicate my life to stopping people smoking.

“So every day I wear t- shirt, hoodie or vest all with the same slogan on, ‘ I hate fags’.

“It makes people think twice before lighting up – at least I hope it does.

“And I think I may have stopped hundreds of people from smoking over the years.

“But as much as I hate smoking I love being gay and getting bummed so I thought I would combine my two interests at a gay pride march.

“There were quite a few funny looks at first then this gang of lads started pushing me and calling me homophobe.

“I tried to tell them I love the cock – but they wouldn’t listen and kicked the shit out of me.

“Ironically enough I am now frightened of gays which is a shame because I used to love getting bummed up the

‘I used to love getting bummed but this has put me right off it!’

a nasty arse but this has put me right off I don’t mind admitting.

“That wasn’t the kind of pounding I enjoy receiving on a Saturday night.”

After two nights in hospital Harold was discharged and signed off his job as a sheet metal welder for six weeks.

 ?? ?? WHAT A BUMMER: Confuson over Harold’s T- shirt led to a proper fisting
WHAT A BUMMER: Confuson over Harold’s T- shirt led to a proper fisting
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