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Our rulers are now feeling the heat…


OH, they have finally noticed, have they?

Politician­s have realised that the policies they’ve pursued for the last 25 years or so have turned the country into an ungovernab­le basket case where the squabbles of faraway lands have been imported onto our streets.

According to a report last week, police chiefs are being urged by ministers to make “robust use” of powers to protect politician­s following a pro- Palestine demo outside the home of a prominent Conservati­ve MP.

Ministers made the unusual decision of writing to chief constables across the country after a protest outside the Devon home of MP Tobias Ellwood.

It’s “unusual” because if anyone else complains about mobs of pro- Palestinia­n loons and their drooling Commie fanboys, they get their collar felt for being “racist” .

The letter, written by Tom Tugendhat, the security minister, and Chris Philp, the policing minister, said cops have their full support to ensure the security of MPs and candidates for the House of Commons.

“This will be an election year,” it says. “That makes it all the more important that candidates, both locally and nationally, are free to make their arguments to our communitie­s without fear.

“You have my full support in making robust use of all your powers to ensure that the security of our elected representa­tives is protected, and that our democratic values are upheld.”

Which is fair enough.

But what about the rest of us? In some cities, you can’t go into a McDonald’s or a Starbucks without running the gauntlet of tossers in Yasser Arafat tea- towels yelping abuse.

Jews – and I can’t believe I’m writing this in TWO THOUSAND AND F** KING TWENTY- FOUR – have been advised not to wear anything showing their faith in public lest it provoke the nutters.

Last week a man protesting AGAINST terror thugs Hamas was dragged away by cops at the Israeli Embassy in London as they could not deal with the maniacs cheering the October 7 rape- killers.

But it’s not just the ageless clusterf** k of the Israel- Palestine saga that’s being played out on the streets of Britain.

Last year, there was a riot in Camberwell when two rival gangs of Eritrean immigrants re- enacted the ethnic strife of their African shithole in south London.

In the summer of 2022, Hindus and Muslims decided to knock seven bells of shit out of each other in Leicester.

God only knows the blood- feuds that are being played out among the UK’s Albanian community.

But we’ve been told immigratio­n is good for us and that the merest whimper of dissent makes you a card- carrying Combat 18 member.

That’s bollocks and the politician­s have always known it’s bollocks.

But they’ve only acted now that the waves from their tsunami of immigratio­n are lapping at their own hand- stitched leather loafers.

Years ago, someone said that Britain was a nation building up its own funeral pyre.

And it seems that now the politician­s who fetched the kindling are starting to feel the heat. email: simon@sundayspor­

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