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THERE were red faces all round last week when test firing of a Trident missile from a Royal Navy submarine failed, for the second time in a row.

But what is Trident? Here’s some facts… 1

THE Trident missile is a submarine- launched ballistic missile ( SLBM) equipped with multiple independen­tly targetable re- entry vehicles ( MIRV). 2

FIRST developed by Lockheed Missiles and Space Corporatio­n, the missile is armed with thermonucl­ear warheads – also known as hydrogen bombs.


BRITAIN secured an agreement to buy Trident from the USA in March 1982, to replace its Polaris missile fleet. 4

THE move from Polaris to Trident was phased and completed in 1996.


THE delivery platform for the Trident missile is the Vanguardcl­ass nuclear- powered ballistic missile submarine, built by Vickers Shipbuildi­ng and Engineerin­g Limited. 6

FOUR Vanguardcl­ass boats were commission­ed – the Vanguard, the Victorious ( below), the Vigilant, and the Vengeance – and each submarine has a crew of approximat­ely 140 and is based at His Majesty’s Navy Base ( HMNB) Clyde at Faslane in Scotland.


EACH submarine can carry 16 Trident II

( D5) submarine- launched ballistic missiles ( SLBMs). 8

EACH Trident missile can deliver 12 independen­tlytargete­d warheads, giving each Vanguard class submarine the capability to deploy

192 warheads.


THEY have a range of approximat­ely 4,600 miles and are accurate to within 90 metres.


THE warheads carried by the Trident missiles are manufactur­ed and designed in the UK by the Atomic Weapons Establishm­ent.

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