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Rampant hunks can’t stop falling into my booby trap

- JM, Essex

Dear Ava,

I’M a 20- year- old student and I have a fantastic sex life thanks to my huge 38DD boobs.

I can get any man I want just by flashing my cleavage. I remember one time in particular last year on holidays. I went swimming with my pals and as usual all the guys were ogling me. There was one guy in particular who couldn’t contain his excitement and I decided to choose him. I sauntered up to him seductivel­y, my boobs bursting out of my costume, and invited him into the showers.

He followed me into the changing rooms and we locked the door. He reached over with trembling hands and let my top down.

My boobs sprang out at him and he quickly started sucking on them like a hungry baby.

He was rock- hard and, slipping off his trunks, I wrapped his quivering cock in the ample mounds of my boobs.

I gave him a slow, sensuous tit- f** k until I could feel the pressure of his orgasm building up in his balls.

By that time my pussy was dripping with love juices and I whispered that I wanted him to f** k me long and hard.

He thrust his throbbing cock deep into my quim and shagged me furiously until he shot his load deep inside me.

A couple of days later, this guy’s mate took me to a nightclub.

He could hardly keep his hands off me as we danced and boozed.


I knew he was desperate to get my tits out, so I whisked him down to the beach and soon we were naked in the sand.

He tugged on my nipples until they were hard, then sucked on each one in turn before pushing his throbbing cock between them until he spunked.

I’ve had so much fun with my boobs over the past couple of years that I’m now wondering whether I should have them enlarged further.

What do you think?

Ava says…

SOUNDS to me like you and your boobs are quite a handful already.

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