Lag keeps 100 bags of smack up her crack!

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A FE­MALE lag was found with more than a HUN­DRED bags of heroin in her FANNY!

In­mates at Jasper County Jail in Mis­souri re­ported to war­dens that Mor­gan R. Cope, 26, ( above), was hid­ing mul­ti­ple bags of smack up her gen­i­tals.

One in­mate told jail staff they’d seen a grey pow­der in the cell and had also seen Cope dis­trib­ute it to oth­ers.

The re­ports of heroin at the jail were made when Cope re­turned from a visit to Sk­iff Med­i­cal Cen­ter af­ter be­ing treated for is­sues re­lated to drug use.

She de­nied pos­sess­ing heroin but was then seen by war­dens mak­ing move­ments un­der her bed­ding.

When staff gave her a cav­ity search they found the huge stash stuffed up her clop­per.

Cope has since been charged with con­trolled sub­stance vi­o­la­tion and pos­ses­sion of con­tra­band in a cor­rec­tional in­sti­tu­tion.

A prison source said: “She must have a c** t like a bucket!”

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