I love to rub­ber up for daugh­ter’s teen stud!

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I’M a 40- year- old sin­gle mum with a daugh­ter of 18. I came home early one night to find my daugh­ter and her boyfriend naked and hav­ing sex on the sofa. I went bal­lis­tic and slung the boy out, fol­lowed by his clothes. It wasn’t just that they were hav­ing sex – it was that it was un­pro­tected, and I know from ex­pe­ri­ence how hard life is try­ing to bring up a baby on your own. A few days later, while my daugh­ter was at col­lege, the boy came round to apol­o­gise and plead with me not to stop her see­ing him. As we talked he ad­mit­ted that he was too em­bar­rassed to go to a shop or pub to buy con­doms. I smiled at his in­no­cence, and as I keep the odd one or two in my bed­side cab­i­net, I asked him MY name is Norma and I’m get­ting mar­ried to a Ger­man man whose sur­name is Stitz – which will make me NORMA STITZ!

I’m very em­bar­rassed by this and sug­gested I hang on to my maiden name, but he won’t have any of it.

What should I do?

Dani says…

to fol­low me. Then tak­ing one out I laughed and jok­ingly said: “See if this fits!”

To my ut­ter sur­prise he promptly dropped his pants to re­veal seven inches of rigid 19- year- old cock.

I didn’t know what to say – I was so shocked, but I did ad­mit I was very taken by him.

I cupped his balls in my hand and mas­saged them as he groaned with plea­sure.

I gently pushed him on the bed, rolled the con­dom on him and strad­dled his youth­ful body, low­er­ing my­self on his erec­tion.

My in­ner mus­cles gripped his man­hood and I came – I’ve had big­ger ones up me, but none so hard – and I rode him for all I was worth.

He’s since been back for more ses­sions with me.

The trou­ble is I’m feel­ing guilty about cheat­ing on my daugh­ter. Should I end it?

DC, South London

Dani says…

YES, and if you want to avoid a blaz­ing row with your daugh­ter, you’d bet­ter hope and pray that she never finds out! Norma, via email IT’S not the end of the world! If it’s any consolation, I went to school with a boy called Ivor Small­cock!

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