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1 PRINCE Harry’s new fi­ancée Meghan Markle will quit which U. S. TV show to be a princess?

a) Suits b) Bones c) M. A. S. H. d) Arse­hole Party

2 COR­RIE ac­tor Bruno Lan­g­ley ( right) gave which ex­cuse for grop­ing women on a boozy night out?

a) The women had nice ar­ses b) He was prov­ing he wasn’t a gay, like his TV char­ac­ter c) His hand had a spasm

d) He’s a bit of a c** t

3 HOW much did Mel B pay to set­tle her di­vorce with her ex Stephen Be­la­fonte?

a) £ 1.49 b) £ 2mil­lion c) £ 3mil­lion d) £ 6.5mil­lion

4 A PROP ma­chine gun from which 1968 movie was handed over to cops over fears it may be il­le­gal?

a) Willy Wonka b) Deep Throat c) Where Ea­gles Dare d) The Ital­ian Job

5 WHICH co­me­dian was found guilty on two counts on speed­ing, de­spite try­ing to weasel out of one of them with some half- ar­sed ex­cuse?

a) Bernard Man­ning b) Bog- eyed Rus­sell Howard c) That one, you know... the one with the hair d) David Wal­liams

6 THE un­cle of which Royal was called a “nasty drunk” af­ter twat­ting his wife?

a) Princess Kate b) Princess Anne ( right) c) The Queen d) Prince Ed­ward’s wife. So­phie, is it?

7 WHICH medicine will be avail­able over the counter at chemists from next year, it was an­nounced last week?

a) Up­pers b) Down­ers c) Yel­low Ben­tines d) Vi­a­gra

8 WHICH much- loved and vet­eran TV and movie star at­tracted a storm of ha­tred af­ter say­ing some­thing not- quite- PC about sex at­tacks?

a) An­gela Lans­bury b) Julie An­drews c) Joan Collins d) Dame Edna Ever­age

9 DON­ALD Trump stirred up a shit­storm by shar­ing a tweet from which po­lit­i­cal party?

a) The Lib­eral Democrats b) The Mon­ster Rav­ing Loony Party c) Bri­tain First d) Ge­orge Gal­loway’s lot

10 SU­PER­MODEL Heidi Klum ( left) has ad­mit­ted she is scared of what?

a) Fly­ing b) Hor­nets c) Clowns d) Pan­das

11 STU­DENTS at which univer­sity scrapped an 80s Min­ers’ Strike- themed booze- up af­ter some left­ies whinged?

a) Cam­bridge b) Ox­ford c) Southamp­ton d) Durham

12 THE lat­est idea to cut con­ges­tion, an­nounced by trans­port sec­re­tary Chris Grayling, is to what?

a) Bring back the horse and cart ( right) b) Dou­ble decker cars c) Take cars off the poor d) Re­open rail­ways closed by the Beech­ing Cuts

13 HOW did mad­cap war crim­i­nal Slo­bo­dan Pral­jak ( left) make that sure his day in court would be re­mem­bered?

a) He called the judge “sweet tits” b) He farted the Croa­t­ian na­tional an­them c) He com­mit­ted sui­cide by tak­ing poi­son d) He got off thanks to that Mr Loop­hole lawyer

14 KEL­LOGG’S are to stop mak­ing which sort of sweet ce­real?

a) Ri­ci­cles b) Frosties c) Coco- Pops d) Sugar- Cube- ios

15 HOW much may Bri­tain end up pay­ing to leave the EU, ac­cord­ing to re­ports last week?

a) £ 1.49 b) £ 350mil­lion a week c) £ 50bil­lion d) £ 1,000bil­lion

Gina S Age 26, 32C-25-35, from Es­sex It’s dead hard!

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