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I AL­WAYS thought the Labour Party would make me poorer. It was a given, un­til Mon­day.

Be­cause on Mon­day Labour – in the form of Shadow For­eign Sec­re­tary Emily Thorn­berry – made mil­lions of peo­ple rich.

Thorn­berry ( Lady Nugee, as she is prop­erly known) is that tri­bune of the peo­ple who sneered on Twit­ter at a White Van Man with St Ge­orge’s flags hang­ing out his bed­room win­dow dur­ing the Rochester and Strood by- elec­tion.

As Philip Ham­mond de­liv­ered his Bud­get, Thorn­berry took to Twat­ter again, har­rumph­ing: “There we are – tax cuts for the rich…”

The “tax cuts” which of­fended Ms Thorn­berry’s so­cial­ist con­science was a rise in per­sonal al­lowances from £ 11,850 to £ 12,500.

The higher- rate thresh­old – on which you pay 40 per cent tax – was hiked to £ 50,000.

Now, £ 50,000 is not a bad screw. It’s more than I make. But rich, as Emily Thorn­berry con­tends?

Is it f** k!

The rise in the higher- rate thresh­old puts about £ 860 back in the pock­ets of higher earn­ers – be­fore about half is snatched back in higher Na­tional In­sur­ance. It’s not a king’s ran­som. It is also – and this is some­thing Labour al­ways for­get – money that these peo­ple have EARNED.

Tax cuts are not gifts from a benev­o­lent govern­ment. They are merely a re­duc­tion in the amount the govern­ment steals from your pay packet at the end of the month.

If some­one earns enough to get them­selves in the higher tax bracket, it’s usu­ally be­cause they work hard. There are plenty of plumbers and builders – the sort who drive the white vans which of­fend Lady Nugee so much – who make over £ 50,000 a year.

They are not “rich”. They don’t come home to a but­ler hold­ing their slip­pers.

They earn their money by work­ing from dawn to dusk – and it’s proper, phys­i­cal, skilled work.

And the money that’s stolen from them gets lav­ished on their neigh­bours who don’t do a f** king stroke of work in their mis­er­able, pissy lives.

The sort of scrotes who wives of High Court judges like Lady Nugee try to ap­peal to with “tax cuts for rich” bol­locks.

If Labour ever want to get back into power they need to ap­peal to those who ac­tu­ally PAY for their so­cial­ist lu­nacy.

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