Brexit MP has ‘clean­est ball­bag in West­min­ster’, claim sources

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STUNNA Demi Rose Mawby gave on­look­ers a dou­ble de­light as she left a fancy restau­rant last night – flash­ing her amaz­ing cleav­age AND her panties!

The 23- year- old In­sta­gram star – who has a whop­ping 7.8MIL­LION fol­low­ers – was seen leav­ing Sexy Fish restau­rant in London af­ter an evening out with friends.

An on­looker said: “I’d love to rub my win­kle be­tween those.

“It would make my sticky white wee- wee come out.” TORY Brexit rebel Ja­cob Rees- Mogg has the best- groomed ball­bag in West­min­ster, it was sen­sa­tion­ally claimed last night.

The claim, which has spread like wild­fire through the po­lit­i­cal Es­tab­lish­ment, has boosted the 49- year- old’s chances of lead­ing the Con­ser­va­tive Party, ac­cord­ing to ex­perts.

One source told Sun­day Sport: “Ev­ery­one knows that Ja­cob is al­ways scrupu­lously clean and per­fectly groomed.

“But from what is be­ing said, that groom­ing con­tin­ues to his lower pri­vate area.

“Some­one who saw Ja­cob in the show­ers of the House of Com­mons gym said his hair­less scro­tum ‘ looked al­most pol­ished’.

“They said it was like one of those Ro­man stat­ues you see in posh houses, like the one that Ja­cob prob­a­bly lives in.”

The buffed ball­bag claim is a wel­come boost for Rees- Mogg who was forced to ad­mit last week that his at­tempted coup against Theresa May had flopped.

Ja­cob – who needed to amass 48 let­ters from back bench Tories call­ing for a con­fi­dence vote in the PM – ad­mit­ted his plot to oust the Prime Min­is­ter has gone “a bit Dad’s Army”.

But he warned he will try again next month. AT­TEMPTED COUP: Mr Rees- Mogg AD­MIR­ERS: Com­mons wit­nesses claim MP’s scro­tum is ‘ pol­ished’

The Brexit MP, who put his own let­ter in last week, ad­mit­ted that get­ting the to­tal of 48 was “show­ing to be quite dif­fi­cult.

When asked if the plot had gone “a bit Dad’s Army” he replied “I’ve al­ways ad­mired Cap­tain Main­war­ing.”

But he in­sisted that when it came to the let­ter to­tal, “pa­tience is a virtue” and reck­on­ing time would come next month.

Our source said: “It’s been a bad week for Ja­cob but at least he knows ev­ery­one ad­mires his lovely ball­bag.”

Ja­cob Rees- Mogg was not avail­able for com­ment last night as staff said he was count­ing quails.

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