Lies, damned lies and Brexit stats

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YEARS ago, when I was do­ing A- lev­els, I re­mem­ber do­ing some sta­tis­tics lessons as part of the Gen­eral Stud­ies course.

The up­shot of the course, although I can’t re­call any de­tails, was that you can prove just about any­thing or find ev­i­dence to back up any claim by us­ing sta­tis­tics.

I was re­minded of this last week when read­ing the head­line: “Brexit will make Bri­tain poorer”.

The BBC said it thus: “The UK will be poorer eco­nom­i­cally un­der any form of Brexit, com­pared with stay­ing in the EU, new gov­ern­ment anal­y­sis sug­gests.

“Of­fi­cial fig­ures say the UK econ­omy could be up to 3.9% smaller af­ter 15 years un­der Theresa May’s Brexit plan, com­pared with stay­ing in the EU.”

Did any­one pause to ask “smaller than what?”

Be­cause, at first glance, those fig­ures look like they sug­gest the UK econ­omy will shrink from its cur­rent level be­cause of Brexit, and in 15 years we’ll be four per cent poorer than we are now. That is BOL­LOCKS! In 15 years’ time we’ll be bet­ter off than we are now.

The sta­tis­tics as­sume that Bri­tain will grow faster in the EU than out­side.

The so- called “cost” of Brexit – £ 3,000 at the lat­est guess – is noth­ing of the kind.

You won’t be three grand out of pocket due to Brexit. You won’t have to pay three grand out of your sav­ings to es­cape the clutches of the EU.

But ev­ery­one seems to par­rot this “Brexit will make the UK econ­omy shrink by 3.9%” line.


David Lammy ( left), the Labour MP for Tot­ten­ham, showed a Diane Ab­bott- like flimsy grip on num­bers when he tweeted: “Brexit will make GDP shrink by 3.9% an­nu­ally.” That’s just not true. Sta­tis­tics have been used and abused through­out the whole ref­er­en­dum and Brexit process.

There was Boris’s bol­locks bus ( be­low) and Pro­ject Fear’s woe­ful pre­dic­tions of huge un­em­ploy­ment and eco­nomic col­lapse the day af­ter a leave vote. Here’s the truth. NO­BODY knows what’s go­ing to hap­pen af­ter Brexit – if it ever hap­pens.

The “experts” have been wrong EV­ERY TIME about EV­ERY THING when it comes to our re­la­tion­ship with the EU. One thing is cer­tain. You can’t put a pounds- and- pence value on Bri­tain’s free­dom.

And free­dom from Brussels is what Brexit should de­liver us.

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