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Sunday Sport - - SEXY BACK END! -

MY wife re­cently caught me shag­ging her younger sis­ter – just as I was shoot­ing my mess over her boobs.

I love my lass, but if you saw her lit­tle sis­ter you’d un­der­stand why I couldn’t keep my dick to my­self. She’s study­ing to be a nurse and I just love her uni­form. One night, about two weeks af­ter she’d moved in with us, I came home early from work to find her study­ing on the sofa wear­ing a tight, white T- shirt and a pair of white panties.

I could see her fanny through her knick­ers, and her 21- year- old arse cheeks looked good enough to eat. My mis­sus is threat­en­ing to leave me but I still love her. What to do?

JW, Bolton THAT’S what you get for think­ing with your dick, and not us­ing your brain, you f** king id­iot! ON a re­cent hol­i­day with my boyfriend in the Ca­naries, we had an ar­gu­ment and he stormed off.

I ended up get­ting tipsy and get­ting off with a pretty ho­tel bar­maid – and we went back to her room.

We fell on the bed and be­gan to snog and fon­dle each other. Her lips were so soft as she ex­plored my mouth with her tongue.

Then she be­gan to rub my pussy and slipped two fin­gers up and sent me into a fu­ri­ous or­gasm. Next we got in the 69 po­si­tion and brought each other off. Now we’re back home I’d like to try a three­some with my fella and another fit girl – does that sound rea­son­able? DW, email SUR­PRISE him – bring a sexy fe­male mate back with you one night. I’m sure he’ll love it! Hello, neigh­bour. Would you look at my ham­ster, please. I think he’s un­well Bring him in­side… I’ll take a look YOUNG men will find that ma­tronly neigh­bours will of­ten take a close in­ter­est in them.

They will find any spu­ri­ous rea­son to “pop round” – in this case, a poorly ham­ster is the ex­cuse.

While it may amuse some chaps to pork an older lady, have you ever tried to re­set a dis­lo­cated hip while covered in KY Jelly and fanny bat­ter?

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