Sex with babe and her breast mate!

Sunday Sport - - SEXY BACK END! -

Well, your ham­ster looks OK… so let’s have a look at your BEAVER! I HAVE made a vow which I am de­ter­mined to stick to – no more SHAG­GING be­hind my girl­friend’s back!

We got en­gaged re­cently and so I reckon it’s only fair that I do my bit and stop hav­ing sex with her best pal.

It all makes me out to be a com­plete bas­tard I know, but any fella read­ing how it started will fully un­der­stand my sit­u­a­tion.

When I first went out with my wife- to- be, she was in­cred­i­bly shy and got her best mate to do all the ground­work, so to speak.

Well, my girl is well- fit but her mate is even bet­ter- look­ing. We worked to­gether in a pub at week­ends, and my girl – who was then just another reg­u­lar – would hang on af­ter clos­ing and wait for her mate to fin­ish be­fore go­ing off club­bing to­gether. I used to chat to her and we seemed to hit it off. But she didn’t seem to take the bait. Then her mate be­gan chat­ting to me be­hind the bar about how this other girl wanted to get off with me, so one thing led to another and we did. But I was re­ally turned on by the fact that this friend of hers was in on it and knew ev­ery­thing we were up to. Af­ter sev­eral dates, the chance came for me and my new girl­friend to cut the crap and get some se­ri­ous ac­tion in.

And, I have to say, sex with her was in­cred­i­ble – it lasted for hours, it seemed, and she was a real rev­e­la­tion.

She did a tantalising strip down to her undies and sus­penders, and then low­ered her­self onto me.

My erect six- incher was now fully ready to go and she took pretty much the lot in her mouth as her tongue flicked around the tip.

At last I could stand no more and climbed on top of her, en­ter­ing her and pump­ing away un­til I ex­ploded in­side her.

Trou­ble is, the next time her best pal and I were work­ing be­hind the bar, I sensed her friend’s at­ti­tude to me had changed a bit.

She was drop­ping all sorts of hints about “big boy” and “hot pants” and touch­ing my bum.

Turns out my girl had con­fided in her about our sex ses­sion. And this RE­ALLY turned me on. It was like she knew my most in­ti­mate de­tails and I couldn’t re­sist.

So I started a siz­zling af­fair with this girl, who got re­ally ex­cited by the fact that she was shag­ging her best pal’s fella.

It was the most sen­sa­tional sex I’d ever had be­cause we did it in the open air, in the pub cel­lar, at bus stops, ev­ery­where.

The thrill of il­licit sex was sim­ply over­pow­er­ing.

But now my girl and I are en­gaged, I de­cided to stop. Aren’t I good?

GH, Colch­ester

Sam says…

I HOPE she never find out what sods you and her pal are!

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