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Sunday Sport - - SEXY BACK END -

I AM a 27- year- old guy, not too bad look­ing, even if I say so my­self, but I find it hard to chat up women since I split with my ex two years ago.

I haven’t got out much and spend a lot of time on my lap­top. I re­cently met a gor­geous girl on Face­book, but she lives in Rus­sia. We’ve been chat­ting on­line quite a bit and really get on like a house on fire.

Now she wants to visit me in the UK but needs me to send her money for a plane ticket.

My friends all think she is a con artist but I can’t be­lieve it – and she looks so hot, too.

What do you reckon? MD, Glas­gow SORRY but your pals are very likely right. Try to meet some­one nearer home, and play it safe. DI­GES­TIVE and bour­bon, wafer and mint lay­ers! Cover it in choco­late and sell it half- price.

Yes it’s me, your highly- sex­u­ally charged bis­cuit fac­tory op­er­a­tive. What a whirl­wind few months it’s been since I last wrote to you. The fac­tory’s churn­ing ’ em out and it seems like the whole world’s chomp­ing on a packet.

And that can only mean one thing – the fac­tory girls are moist for ac­tion. I’m dip­ping my jammy dodger in one of the new birds.

She’s young but she knows what she’s do­ing. Only yes­ter­day I had her up against a stack of fam­ily all­sorts. So all’s well, but is a bis­cuit with marsh­mal­low on it a cake? Prom­ise me you’ll think about it. ER... Ok, I will. Hey, don’t move. There’s some­thing up your ass, dar­ling. Really? What? RW, East Susscx

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