Pub’s spooky glass smasher


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IS it para­nor­mal ac­tiv­ity or down to physics?

Punters were sit­ting hav­ing a chat when a glass ap­peared to ex­plode in front of them at The Salmon in Belford.

Land­lords Michael and Donna Duns, who have run the pub for three years, shared CCTV footage of the in­ci­dent on Face­book and say it is not the first spooky event to take place there.

Michael, 38, said: “The glass had been there for about 20 min­utes and there was still half a pint in it.

“I’ve heard the pub is haunted off a few peo­ple be­fore which I believe now af­ter this hap­pened.

“The three ta­bles in the video have been known to be where main in­ci­dents hap­pen re­gard­ing glasses mov­ing and fall­ing off ta­bles.

“We have seen two glass-mov­ing in­ci­dents but never break­ing like that.”

Other ghostly events have also been caught on cam­era, he said.

“There is an­other video of one of our bar staff feel­ing or hear­ing some­thing in her ear while serv­ing, you can see on cam­era she is clearly spooked,” he said.

But some Face­book users were less con­vinced it was para­nor­mal ac­tiv­ity which caused the glass to smash and was merely down to “physics”.

One per­son said it was down to the fact the glass may have had small frac­tures from be­ing washed, and a sud­den change in tem­per­a­ture af­ter com­ing out of a hot steam glass washer.

They said: “A sud­den de­crease in tem­per­a­ture, like be­ing ex­posed to ice cold lager causes the glass to sud­denly shrink, the mi­cro frac­tures be­come un­sta­ble and fail re­sult­ing in ex­actly what you see in this video. “Physics in ac­tion, not para­nor­mal.” A woman posted: “Glasses smash like that in pubs all the time, it’s all the wash­ing, hot steam and chem­i­cals used to sani­tise.

“Best one is when the bot­tom falls out of the glass.”

An­other said: “Very odd... it def­i­nitely spon­ta­neously smashes with­out see­ing any­one knock the ta­ble.”

■ Punters were left shocked when a glass ex­ploded in The Salmon, Belford

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