Can ex­er­cise help clear hang­overs?

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How many times have you woke up with a split­ting headache and feel­ing nau­seous af­ter a long night of drink­ing?

I’ve done it plenty of times. Last week I was in Benidorm for four days.

A big group of us flew over to cel­e­brate a friend’s birth­day.

It was four long days of par­ty­ing and drink­ing way too much al­co­hol.

But, I man­aged to keep the dreaded hang­overs to a min­i­mum. ten­sity; it was just enough to get out of breath and get a sweat on. I sim­ply lifted some weights and done a lit­tle bit of car­dio. While ex­er­cise won’t cure your hang­over com­pletely, it can coun­ter­act some of the side ef­fects of too much al­co­hol so you get over your hang­over faster.

Al­co­hol acts as a de­pres­sant to your body, which means it slows your brain ac­tiv­ity.

This also slows the re­lease of en­dor­phins, the feel-good hor­mones that can help reg­u­late your mood.

Be­cause of this ef­fect, you may wake up the next morn­ing feel­ing tired, lethar­gic and de­pressed.

Mov­ing your body and get­ting some ex­er­cise, even when you don’t nec­es­sar­ily feel like ex­er­cis­ing, can help stim­u­late the re­lease of en­dor­phins again.

This will re­sult in a bet­ter mood and a bet­ter state of mind as you re­cover from your hang­over.

It may not be a good idea to go for a stren­u­ous run af­ter you’ve overindulged in al­co­hol.

In­stead, try some lower-in­ten­sity ex­er­cises that can help re­store your mood and en­ergy with­out mak­ing you feel sick.

Yoga, gen­tle stretch­ing, light aer­o­bics, dance and swim­ming can all help you feel bet­ter with­out mak­ing your hang­over symp­toms worse.

Lis­ten to your body and stop if you feel sick, dizzy or your headache be­comes worse.

While ex­er­cis­ing, it’s re­ally im­por­tant that you hy­drate your body prop­erly.

Al­co­hol can have a de­hy­drat­ing ef­fect on your body, which means you could suf­fer from de­hy­dra­tion more quickly than nor­mal when you ex­er­cise.

Keep a wa­ter bot­tle nearby and drink at least 200-300ml of wa­ter ev­ery 10 to 20 min­utes that you ex­er­cise.

You’ll also want to con­tinue drink­ing wa­ter through­out the day to help re­duce your hang­over symp­toms.

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