10 things you said about: In­tro­duc­ing a min­i­mum unit price for al­co­hol in Eng­land

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Tax all al­co­hol like the Govern­ment does with smok­ing, and give money raised to NHS David Martin

Will make no dif­fer­ence what­so­ever El­iz­a­beth Cain

Why should we be pe­nalised for the sake of oth­ers Roger Mid­dle­ton

Like drugs, tobacco or al­co­hol if peo­ple are ad­dicted to it they’ll find a way to get it Bar­bara Wilkin­son Clark

We are over taxed as it is Trevor Parkin

Why not try ed­u­cat­ing peo­ple Zoe Lee

It’s like cig­a­rettes, no mat­ter how much they are peo­ple will still buy it Joanne Dug­gan

It’s all about tax just another way of tak­ing money out of our pock­ets Steve Brook

Them that don’t drink want it just like them that didn’t smoke Terry Scales

No we need to lower prices Marc Hope

There's a call to in­tro­duce a min­i­mum unit price for al­co­hol

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