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Q AIn pre­vi­ous win­ters I re­ceived a cold weather pay­ment as part of my In­come Sup­port en­ti­tle­ment, but I re­cently changed ben­e­fits to Uni­ver­sal Credit. Can I still get this pay­ment with Uni­ver­sal Credit? Cold weather pay­ments will be paid for the fol­low­ing ben­e­fits: In­come Sup­port, In­come Based Job Seek­ers Al­lowance (IBJSA), In­come Based ESA, Pen­sion Credit, Uni­ver­sal Credit and also if your ben­e­fit pay­ments in­clude sup­port for mort­gage in­ter­est.

For all ben­e­fits the pay­ment can only be made if there has been a pe­riod of cold weather, which is de­fined as a seven-day pe­riod when the av­er­age tem­per­a­ture in your weather sta­tion area is be­low 0 de­grees Cel­sius or be­low – the De­part­ment of Work and Pen­sions (DWP) will re­ceive con­fir­ma­tion if this ap­plies for your ben­e­fit area.

For claimants of Uni­ver­sal Credit you will qual­ify if there is a pe­riod of cold weather and the fol­low­ing con­di­tions are met.

You must not be work­ing or self em­ployed (un­less you have a dis­abled child el­e­ment as part of your Uni­ver­sal Credit claim).

You have a child un­der five-years-old liv­ing with you, or you have a health con­di­tion or dis­abil­ity and have lim­ited ca­pa­bil­ity for work (ei­ther with or without a work re­lated ac­tiv­ity as a con­di­tion of your Uni­ver­sal Credit claim).

Pay­ments should be made au­to­mat­i­cally and will be £25 for each week of cold weather.

If you do think you qual­ify and your ben­e­fit area has had a spell of cold weather but you do not get the pay­ment, then con­tact your ben­e­fit of­fice.

For the other ben­e­fits listed, they also have con­di­tions for pay­ment to be made.

For In­come Sup­port, IBJSA and IBESA, you must also have a child un­der fiveyears-old, or re­ceive a dis­abil­ity premium (whether en­hanced or se­vere dis­abil­ity premium) or pen­sioner premium, or a child who is dis­abled, or a Child Tax Credit claim that in­cludes a dis­abil­ity or se­vere dis­abil­ity premium, or for Em­ploy­ment and Sup­port Al­lowance only you are in the Work Re­lated Ac­tiv­ity or Sup­port Group.

Again pay­ment is au­to­mat­i­cally added to your ben­e­fit, but again if you think you qual­ify and do not re­ceive the pay­ment, you should query this with your ben­e­fit of­fice.

If pay­ment is still re­fused and you still be­lieve you meet the con­di­tions, you can re­quest a manda­tory re­con­sid­er­a­tion to chal­lenge the de­ci­sion, as usual the re­quest should be made within one month of the DWP’s de­ci­sion.

Pay­ments may be due when the weather tolds cold.

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