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On Fri­day I drove through to South Shields for lunch.

I parked my car nearby at a very rea­son­able cost of £2 for all day giv­ing me the op­por­tu­nity to en­joy lunch, and browse the mar­ket stalls and the shops. And I did, in fact, buy two pairs of dress boots in a sale in one shop.

I then drove back to Sun­der­land, and de­cided to park in St Mary’s car park, and have a quick cof­fee be­fore head­ing home.

Car park here £1.50 per hour, so I had 50 min­utes for my cof­fee.

On re­turn­ing to col­lect my car in good time, dis­cov­ered a queue wait­ing to pay stretch­ing half way over the bridge to­wards M&S, as one of the pay­ing ma­chines was out of ac­tion (it was also out of ac­tion two days pre­vi­ously at least that I know of ).

In the queue with ev­ery­one else for 20 min­utes, which meant that by the time I got to pay, I owed £3.

The lady in front was in the same boat, as I imag­ine most peo­ple would have been, and she was charged £4.50, pre­sum­ably for two hours.

To make mat­ters worse the two peo­ple be­fore me both tried to pay be card, and nei­ther the con­tact­less or pin op­tions were work­ing, more time taken up find­ing money.

I was fu­ri­ous by now, and found when I had to try putting my pin num­ber in I had to get down on my knees to be able to see the key­board, and I found some keys were not regis­ter­ing. My turn to search for £3, and ex­tend the hold up.

A real sham­bles but a nice lit­tle earner for the car park, and an­other good rea­son to sit on the couch at home, and shop on­line.

In ad­di­tion to this, The Bridges au­to­matic door at the south en­trance was out of ac­tion for sev­eral days over the hol­i­day pe­riod, caus­ing ma­jor in­con­ve­nience to any­one in­firm and us­ing a stick, wheel­chair users, and pushchair users.

Sim­ple things just caus­ing se­vere ag­gra­va­tion to the peo­ple of Sun­der­land try­ing to sup­port our High Street.

It just seems that no­body cares. Bill Turn­bull

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