Sunderland Echo



Bransdale Avenue, South Bents, Sunderland: Roadworks, Carriagewa­y repair means road closure, delays likely until January 13

Northwood Road, Seaham: Roadworks, delays unlikely. Work continues until January 15

Mowbray Road, Hendon, Sunderland: Roadworks, delays possible until January 18

Mayfield Court, Fulwell: Roadworks, delays likely until January 18

Sea Lane, Seaburn, Sunderland: Roadworks, delays unlikely until January 22.

Primrose Crescent, Fulwell: Roadworks, delays possible until January 25.

Station Road, opposite entrance to Kingfisher Industrial Estate, Seaham: Traffic control (multi-way signals) due to excavation work. Delays likely between February 1-10; Fawcett Street East Back, Sunderland: Roadworks due to excavation work, delays likely between February 1 - 5; Eggleston Drive, Elstob, Sunderland: Roadworks, delays unlikely from January 11 until February 12. Silksworth Lane, Silksworth: Carrying out essential work to replace ageing metal gas mains in the road with more durable plastic pipes. Traffic control (multi-way signals) in operation. Delays likely from March 8 to May 7.

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