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Think twice about a pet


With a new year and a new lockdown in place, here at Blue Cross we understand people might be planning to welcome a new pet into their home in 2021.

We know pets provide companions­hip, and for many may be their only companion.

However, we are urging people not to rush into taking on a new pet and to beware of scams and unscrupulo­us breeders looking to cash in on the continuing surging demand for pets, especially dogs and puppies.

People can have a strong desire to have certain "trendy” breeds, but we’d urge them to really do their research and to consider rescuing a pet due to their personalit­y, not just based on their looks.

We hope anyone looking for a pet chooses to rehome from a rescue charity like Blue Cross who will match them to an animal who has been vet checked and assessed and who is right for them.

You’ll be giving a pet a second chance of life in a loving home and when you take your new pet home, that’s not the end of the journey.

Blue Cross offers ongoing advice when you need some support.

To find pets who are looking for homes this new year visit www.bluecross.

Sian Sharples, Blue Cross. Burford.

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