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Care homes’ vaccinatio­n joy


10 Chris Sumby: I hope this helps families with people in homes get to see their loved ones soon.

Denise Haley:

9 Brilliant, hope they get to see their families. 8 ...would love to know where I stand. M\ureen Collier.

7 Maureen Collier: I'm a carer for my severely disabled granddaugh­ter... 6 Deborah Marrs: What about elderly and carers in community? 5 ...if we then roll the vaccine out to key workers, society can operate normally again. PS. 4 Peeta Stebbenwol­f: Staff should have the jab. Residents are already shielding... 3 ...medics and doctors on a daily basis. George Conlon.

1 George Conlon: Good I couldn't work it out when Boris keep saying end of the month...

2 ...about 50 care homes in Sunderland averaging 50 beds all have access to...

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