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STORY: Recalling winters of the past on Wearside.

Catherine Emms: I remember the bad winters when men had to shovel pathways because snow was so deep. I can remember everyone being sent home from place of work because all public transport being stopped because of ice (we had to walk from Pallion to Town End Farm), I can remember travelling from South Shields to Town End Farm by bus when the driver couldn't carry on because of snow, it was as high as a six foot man at the road side, we walked from Boldon over the bank and that was in the sixties. Eileen Temple: Remember doing the school run with wellies with thick Dunlop soles only thing I could keep my feet with November, December 1983, it snowed heavily then froze lasted for about 6 weeks in the high ground.

Joan McGuinnes: Yip my poor feet were really bad.

John Carter: Made a few bob snow shovelling paths for people.


Did you join in the clap for heroes call last


Sharon Cleminson:

They don’t need a public clapping session it’s a well earned substantia­l pay rise however I applaud all NHS frontline workers, carers and everybody doing jobs to keep us fed and continue to carry out duties that are required to keep us going x

Michael Kearney: Heroes means NHS, police, shop workers, lorry drivers teachers, key workers. The people who have kept this country moving in lockdown.

The same people who are undervalue­d and underpaid.

Julie Dinsdale: I’d rather everyone left a donation on their doorstep and pay them what they truly deserve...... how about matching their wages to the MPs supposedly running this country who’ve made bad decisions from March last year, adding to the stress and strain of the NHS and all keyworkers, it’s these people keeping this country from crumbling not the big wigs who are running the country, they’re running it into the ground!

Carole Welsh: NHS staff don't need applause.

They need a decent living wage and maybe free parking. Fancy charging nurses to park at the place they work.

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