Sunderland Echo : 2021-01-11

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16 SUNDERLAND ECHO www.sunderland­ Monday, January 11, 2021 NEWS The greatest autobiogra­phy ever written isn’t Churchill’s It’s yours Why? For the simple reason it’s yours And your children’s And your grandchild­ren’s The perfect winter project to tell It’s time your story LifeBook is the world’s leading autobiogra­phy and memoir service, and more than 8000 people already own the life story of someone they love. Now through 12 face-to-face or video interviews, you can tell yours and create a unique piece of family treasure. Your very own handcrafte­d, hardback book, to share with generation­s to come. The gift of a lifetime 0808 302 8025 This winter it’s time to tell your story. Find out more by calling us on or visiting