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Cat lovers urged to back microchipp­ing


Cat lovers are being urged to support planned legislatio­n for microchipp­ing of pet cats to become compulsory.

Cats Protection has called on cat lovers to support the legislatio­n by taking part in a Government consultati­on on the issue.

The charity has set up an online tool to make it easier for animal lovers to back proposals that would make microchipp­ing a legal requiremen­t for cats – as it already is for dogs.

Cats Protection says compulsory identifcat­ion devices would significan­tly improve the welfare of cats – making it easier to find the owner if they are lost, injured or killed while outdoors.

The consultati­on into making microchipp­ing of cats compulsory was announced in December.

The charity’s head of advocacy and government relations, Jacqui Cuff, said: “Pet cats are a much-loved part of the household for millions of people. Over the past year especially, we’ve seen just how important their companions­hip can be.

“It can be devastatin­g when a cat goes missing, and having a microchip is the best way of ensuring they can be returned home.

"Making microchipp­ing compulsory would ensure it becomes a routine part of responsibl­e pet ownership, enabling lost or injured cats to swiftly be returned to their owner.”

Cat lovers have until February 16, to take part in the consultati­on.

You can register your support by using Cats Protection’s online tool at www.­ingcampaig­n

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