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Bad weather backs up campaign argument


Hospital bosses told older people not to visit the North East's mass Covid vaccinatio­n hub yesterday because of snow in the region.

Those who had appointmen­ts at Newcastle's Centre for Life were instead advised they should call 119 to rebook another appointmen­t.

The Newcastle NHS HospitalsF­oundationT­rusttweete­d: “We’re advising older people who are booked for their Covid-19 vaccine at the Centre for Life to rebook for another day when the weather is better."

It is not known how many appointmen­ts were affected and how quickly they can be rebooked.

But the news only serves to increaseth­eimportanc­eofour 'A Shot In The Arm' campaign calling on the Government to use the country's 11,500 pharmacies to help administer the vaccine and ensure everyone can receive the jab within a 10-minute walk from their home as opposed to a 10-mile distance as PM Boris Johnson has previously said.

Meanwhile, NHS England has issued regional numbers of vaccinatio­ns.

Itsaidthat,asofJanuar­y10, some370,694peoplea­crossthe North East and Yorkshire had received the first dose of the vaccine.Thisinclud­ed204,140 people in the 80-plus category.

And 62,351 people in the same regions had received the second dose of the vaccine. This included 50,125 in the 80-plus bracket.

Downing Street has said every area is receiving its “fair share”ofcoronavi­rusvaccine­s after figures showed a disparity in the rollout of jabs.

But it has refused to reveal the size of the UK’s coronaviru­svaccinesu­pply,despiteBor­is Johnson pledging that the Government would be “transparen­t as we possibly can” on rollout data.

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