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Super slimmer is an inspiratio­n to others


Given the seemingly relentless doom and gloom of life in lockdown, it’s nice to focus on a personal success story that can inspire others.

Step forward mum Michelle Fenton who today tells the Echo of the lifestyle makeover that turned her life around.

Weighing in at almost 21 stone in 2017, the 40-yearold reveals how she suffered aches and pains she was convinced pointed to a heart problem, only to be told by her doctor she had severe indigestio­n!

He poor diet and ballooning weight were to blame with doctors suggesting a gastric bypass operation could be the answer to her ills.

Rather than sinking in self-pity, mum of five Michelle decided to take matters into her own hands. She said no to the operation and yes to a local slimming club.

“My body confidence grew and I went shopping for new clothes. I didn’t pick out black shapeless things to hide myself away; instead I started wearing more fitting clothes, skirts and colours.

"With my new-found confidence and shape, I decided to join a local exercise group and every week I could feel myself getting stronger and fitter.

"I felt better than I had in years, my anxiety had all but vanished and so had my indigestio­n with all its symptoms.”

Just 16 months after joining, Michelle had lost a total of eight stone and has never felt better.

With determinat­ion, applicatio­n and support of friends and family, Michelle has shown that anyone can turn their life around. Inspiratio­nal stuff.

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