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Although it is mandatory to wear face masks in a number of indoor settings - including supermarke­ts and shops - some people may not be able to do so due to medical reasons. Although the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) says that “carrying an exemption card or badge is a personal choice and is not required by law,” those who have medical reasons for not wearing a mask may feel more comfortabl­e carrying one.

Marie Robinson: So nothing's really changed then, how are shop staff able to dispute not wearing a mask when all the "I m exempt" don’t have any proof. People still abusing the rules. Beggars belief.

It’s ok the big bosses in all the supermarke­ts saying their shops are doing this, that or the other but not supervisin­g it. Should have secret spot checks from management.

Sam Cosgrove: Nurses with health issues wear these for 12 hours a day people need to take the time just to think about that, would you wear one if it meant you wouldn't be treated without one?

Susan Hogg: So nothing will change they'll just download an exempt badge just so they don't have to wear a mask even if they can, if you can't wear a mask stay home and get someone else to do your shopping so the virus doesn't spread, rant over.

Mary Chapman: Nothing will change people just say they are ecempt and nowt we can do.

The idiots will just ignore the advice to wear masks and what exactly is difficult or demeaning about getting an exemption card?

Robert Bryden: I have moderate copd, I also have a heart problems, I carry two sprays on me, one for my copd and one for my heart problems. And I choose to wear a mask when in shops and supermarke­ts because of the idiots who flout the rules. It helps to protect me and I have no difficulty breathing whilst wearing one, so I can’t see the problem some people have wearing them. I know certain autistic people and other disabled people have issues wearing a mask that’s alright because they get distressed, but for abled-bodied, healthy people refusing to wear one is selfish.

Jean Clark: Nothing stopping them wearing a visor.

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