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Echo readers have been sharing their views after the Queen encouraged people to “think of others” when it comes to getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

During a video call with health leaders across the four nations of the United Kingdom, the Queen praised the vaccine roll-out and also shared her own experience of getting the jab.

She and the Duke of Edinburgh both received their first doses in January this year, Buckingham Palace confirmed.

Sharing her own story, the monarch said the experience was “quite harmless” and “very quick”, before adding “it didn’t hurt at all”.

The Queen also went on to say that those hesitant about receiving the vaccine should “think about others” rather than themselves.

Dr Emily Lawson, who is leading the vaccine deployment programme for the NHS in England, described the Queen’s comments about her vaccine experience as an “incredibly important vote of confidence in the programme”. We asked what you thought about her speaking publicly about getting the jab. Here are some of your comments from the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Julie Dagg: “People need to think about their family and other people who they come in contact with. It's not about yourself its others as well.”

KellyLou Magooski: “I'm no fan of the Royal Family, but I'm glad she's shared this message.”

Sylvia Coxon: “Agree, if you’ve got reliant family it's got to be done, if only for partial protection.”

Eddie Merry: “It's a personal choice and no matter what anyone thinks it's up to the individual. I can't wait to get my Covid-19 vaccinatio­n.”

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 ??  ?? Her Majesty The Queen speaking abut the covid vaccinatio­n.
Her Majesty The Queen speaking abut the covid vaccinatio­n.

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