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Better off for daily walks


Whenever I go out for a walk, trying to stay as close to home as possible, I am greeted by so many other people doing the same.

So long as they keep their distance, which most do, then it seems a great way of getting outdoors and enjoying some well-earned fresh air.

Being stuck indoors all day long, let’s face it there’s nowhere else and nothing else to do really (except for grocery shopping), is not great for our mental health.

So when lockdown is finally relaxed and we can go back to some sort of normality, I wonder how many of those “pavement walkers” will continue to get the exercise they have been getting.

It would be a great shame if they didn’t; after all, we have seen how much the NHS means to us, so if we can do something go help prevent us burdening it by neglecting our health, then it will be a lasting legacy of lockdown.

I for one have kept my weight down thanks to my daily walks and I feel a lot better for it, as have so many of my friends.

The medical experts have long since told us to do more exercise, as well as other beneficial things, in order to stay fit and enjoy a more healthier life, if nothing else, this covid pandemic has taught me just how right they are.

The cost to our mental wellbeing may be a different matter, but at least by continuing our daily walks and exercise regimes, we can become a fitter nation, which has got to be a good thing.

Emily Paige, sent via email.

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