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A Town Called Solace by Mary Lawson

- Bridie Pritchard

Mary Lawson writes about families and relationsh­ips, history and secrets. A Canadian by birth who’s lived in the UK since the 1960s, Lawson’s latest book is set in chilly Northern Ontario in 1972. Entwined stories twist together in A Town Called Solace: Clara, just eight, finds her world turned upside down when her sister Rose runs away. Elderly next door neighbour Elizabeth thinks about the people she’s loved as she goes into hospital, and newly divorced Liam moves into her house. The impact of events from 30 years ago provide the backdrop for today. The doubts, difficulti­es and uncertaint­ies of the human condition are examined carefully in a way that is both heartbreak­ing and joyful. If you love Anne Tyler or Carol Shields,. A Town Called Solace will appeal.

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