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Faith’s return is still causing ructions among the Dingles as Cain tells Moira she needs to pick a side, while Paddy asks Chas if having her mum around is really worth the upset – unaware his mother-in-law has overheard.

Zak tries to convince Cain that this is his chance to finally resolve things with Faith, but Moira is shocked to catch her sneaking away from the village. Can Moira persuade Faith to stay – and if she does, will Cain accept her? Laurel is suspicious when Jamie starts being nice to Gabby.

Colby is released from hospital and returned to jail, where he’s immediatel­y in trouble again. But instead of receiving more treatment, he’s put into solitary confinemen­t, and Bella turns detective to find out why. Justin worries that Tori and Christian are moving too fast. He also proposes to Leah, but Jasmine isn’t thrilled by the prospect of their engagement. The duo may be forced to have a rethink anyway when it seems they can’t agree on marriage.

Ryder struggles to run Salt when he’s left in charge for the day.

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