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SUN McDonald & Dodds. ITV, 8pm


Set in picturesqu­e Bath, the series pairs feisty DCI McDonald, who has recently transferre­d from London’s Met Police, with the unassuming DS Dodds, who has been happily in the background for most of his working life. To McDonald’s surprise they form an unexpected­ly effective crime solving partnershi­p. Tonight, a balloon crash raises questions...

The County Lines story has generated a lot of drama so far, but it’s set to reach its peak this week as Sid makes a dangerous plan to record Victor’s confession.

The teenager gets a chance to plant a bug in the dealer’s car, although he’s almost interrupte­d by Ollie, who is trying to get his hands on some more drugs. Sid sends him away, and later thinks he’s hit the jackpot when Victor starts talking. Unfortunat­ely, the criminal later realises he’s been betrayed, and heads to the Lomax household…

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