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More new cars roll off production lines


New car production has increased for the third month in a row as shortages of supplies such as semiconduc­tors continued to ease, new figures show.

The Society of Motor Manufactur­ers and Traders (SMMT) data shows 66,527 new vehicles were produced – an increase of almost 6,000 on the same month last year.

Exports drove production-rising by 14.7% to 54,820 vehicles, meaning more than four out of five cars built in this country go overseas.

The European Union remained the most important global market, taking 58% of all exports, followed by the US, China and Australia.

Mike Haw es, SM MT Chief Executive, said, "UK car production is starting to motor again, good news for the sector and the many thousands of jobs it sustains.

"These figures also show how exports, particular­ly to Europe, continue to be the foundation of British automotive manufactur­ing so we must do all we can to safeguardt­he competitiv­eness of these trading relationsh­ips.

"Most immediatel­y, this means finding a solution to the rules of origin challenge faced by manufactur­ers on both sides of the Channel, else we risk the applicatio­n of tariffs - and unnecessar­y cost - on the very vehicles we are trying to encourage consumers to purchase."

A Department for Business and Trade spokespers­on said: "It's great to see our automotive sector kicking up a gear, selling more cars to the world, and supporting thousands of vital jobs.

"We're committed to maintainin­g competitiv­e trading relationsh­ips to continue boosting exports and secure valuable investment ."

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