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Rival consoles – this week’s top games


Park Beyond PC

£39.99; Age Rating: 7

This good-looking and well-conceived theme-park simulator has a twist – if your park generates enough excitement you can ‘impossify’ your rides, making elements come to life or adding gravity-defying cannons and ramps to your roller-coasters. Which is a nice touch and quite fun to experiment with, but it doesn’t add a huge amount tactically, it’s just a ride upgrade. It’s intuitive and easy to get the hang of, and there are endless things to tweak in pursuit of your ideal park. If you like simulators, this is definitely one to try on release. 8/10



Free; Age rating: 4

Fancy an AR pet that is equal measures adorable and has longevity in playtime? Gaining popularity almost immediatel­y upon release, this game involves raising an adorable animal pet from an egg and exploring the world with it. You can pet them, play fetch, feed them and complete tasks alongside them. It is immensely calming and encouraged multiple walks in the park to complete tasks. Should kids be getting outside solely to play a game, staring at their phones? No, not at all, but it’s a fun way to combine screen and outdoor time in a similar way to Pokemon Go. 8/10

PC, PlayStatio­n, Xbox, Switch

£49.99; Age rating: 3

This racer explores the length and breadth of the Isle of Man, flinging you around extreme bends at the terrifying speeds that you would associate with what is perhaps the world’s most famous motorbike race. Unfortunat­ely, the representa­tion of the course is graphicall­y average and the game has controls that are far too sensitive and difficult to navigate. If you are a fan of motorsport­s, you may grow to love this anyway, but it’s hard to see it being a jumping-off point for people to explore a new passion – sadly, it’s just a bit too fiddly and niche. 6/10


1. The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The


2. Hogwarts Legacy

3. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

4. Fifa 23

5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

6. Dead Island 2

7. Super Mario Odyssey

8. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The


9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

10. Minecraft Legends

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 ?? ?? TT Isle of Man 3: Ride on The Edge
TT Isle of Man 3: Ride on The Edge

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