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Reset Room is the toast of good health

Gold for National World at the Publisher Podcast Awards


It was a good evening at Proud Cabaret City London for the team at National World, when The Reset Room picked up the award for Best Health and Wellbeing Podcast 2023.

The annual Publisher Podcast Awards celebrates the best podcasts by publishers and media organisati­ons across the UK .

The Reset Room is hosted and produced by Kelly Crichton and aims to give listeners access to the tools they need to be successful in their careers and lives. Kelly is joined on the show by resident experts Amana Walker and Kay Woodburn who have years of experience in helping people in all walks of life achieve and perform to the best of their potential.

Amana Walker has 25 years of coaching experience and has seen it all when it comes to personal growth, challenges and helping people perform under the pressures we face in life.

Kay Woodburn is the founder of Gritty People – a developmen­t consultanc­y specialisi­ng in behavioura­l change in all aspects of life, from global business to elite sport.

Judges rated the podcasts on a range of factors, including production quality, how well the podcast reflected the publisher’s brand, and strategies to grow the audience. They commented: “This podcast had great guests and covered some important topics. Judges were also impressed with the strong growth strategy, and relationsh­ip building tactics with the audience.”

The second series of The Reset Room was published in late 2022 and also featured guest hosts Stuart Sandeman and Alistair Appleton. Topics covered included, dealing with anxiety, the importance of role models, and avoiding burnout.

Kelly Crichton, host and producer of The Reset Room said: “When we launched The Reset Room we wanted to give our audience the opportunit­y to access really excellent advice that would help them succeed in their lives and careers. Fast-forward 18 months and that’s exactly what we’re achieving and having a real-world positive impact on our listeners.

“Having the knowledge and insight provided by our coaches Amana and Kay has been absolutely central to this success. It’s wonderful to be recognised alongside such brilliant podcasts and large, long establishe­d publishers.”

A new series of the popular podcast will launch this summer and continue to provide listeners with access to high quality advice and guidance from the best life coaches and counsellor­s.

You can listen to the first two series of The Reset Room at www.

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 ?? ?? Clockwise from bottom left: host Kelly Crichton, Kay Woodburn, Stuart Sandeman, and Amana Walker.
Clockwise from bottom left: host Kelly Crichton, Kay Woodburn, Stuart Sandeman, and Amana Walker.

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